Introducing Our Courses


Luca Solari is Professor of Organization Theory and Human resource management at the University of Milan where he has taught since 2001. His academic work comprises strategy, organizational design issues, and human resource management strategies and practices, with a vast array of previous research and intervention experiences in different industries ranging from service to manufacturing. He is responsible for the course Human Resources Management (Common track 1 year of the two curriculum at MLS) and for the course Personnel Economics and HR Metrics (II year Compulsory courses for curriculum in Human Resources Management & Employment Relations).


HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT course, provides students with a basic knowledge of the human resources management research and professional area.

The course illustrate the evolution and future trends in HR management and the role of this business area in contributing to the overall goals of organizations. The specific learning goals are to allow students:

  1. To identify the connection between sound HR practices and business goals;
  2. To be able to analyze the people strategy of an organization;
  3. To comprehend the design and implementation characteristics of HR practices in the different phases of the employment relation (attraction and recruitment, reward, development, affiliation).