Introducing Our Courses

MLS Introducing Our Courses: DATA ANALYSIS and STATISTICS

Nazareno Panichella is Assistant Professor at Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan. His current research interests includes: social stratification and mobility, inequality of educational opportunities, educational returns, migration, family, fertility and labour market dynamics. He is the responsible for the course Data Analysis and Statistics at MLS.


DATA ANALYSIS and STATISTICS course aims to introduce the logic of quantitative analysis in social research in order to exploit the wide availability of data sources in our societies.

This course will provide students with some useful tools for data manipulation, exploratory data analysis, statistical tests, categorical data analysis, and regression.

The course enables students to structure and conduct autonomously a research project based on the analysis of data sets concerning social sciences.

Attending students will be able to collect data and enter their own datasets for analysis, identify appropriate statistical methods, conduct their own analysis using the software program SPSS, interpret the results of the data analysis.