Introducing Our Courses

MLS Introducing Our Courses: HIRING and RECRUITMENT

Sabrina Colombo is associate Professor in economic sociology at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan. She is responsible for the course Hiring and Recruitment (Common track 1 year of the two curriculum at MLS) in the master level and she teaches Methodology of social research, sociology of organization in the bachelor degree. Her research interests are in Sociology of work, Industrial relations and Higher Education outcomes.


The HIRING and RECRUITMENT course aims at examining the processes of recruitment and selection . The main objective is to learn what are the most important characteristics of the selection profession.

The first part of the course will be dedicated to the main features of professionals working in this field (educational background, experience, characteristics of their working context, etc.) and the main recruitment channels of personnel for companies and business services (hiring and recruiting agencies), focusing on ethical and legislative constraints introduced over time to protect the potential discriminatory effects of this profession.

In the second part of this course we will focus on the personnel selection process. We will analyze the main techniques and the criteria underlying the selectors’ choices. For this purpose we will take into account the influence of the organizational context in the selection process and the various applicants’ individual characteristics.

The course is organized with lessons, students’ presentation and a laboratory taught by some experts in the hiring and recruitment process and techniques.