Introducing Our Courses


The course is held by Silvia Gilardi. She is Assistant Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at Department of Social and Political Sciences Università degli studi di Milano. Her current research interests include: Occupational health, Employability, job search and health; reflexivity in organizational life.


She is the responsible for the course ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR (I year compulsory course of HRMER Curriculum). The course introduces students to theoretical and methodological frameworks to understand the impact that personal factors, group dynamics and organizational characteristics have on human behavior at work. The program primarily focuses on the contributions of a psychological perspective applied to organizational problems. The teaching approach is based on Lectures, Individual and team written assignments, Case-studies, Inquiry-based learning.

Students who attend the course will be able to analyze how the personal and situational factors can influence employees’ and groups’ attitudes and job performance. Other learning goals are to allow students to:

  • Understand the factors that can shape and distort perception and decision making at three levels of analysis (individual, group and organizational); Explore the quality of the interaction and communication within groups (intra group relationships) and between groups (intergroup relationships); Recognize the dynamics of international teams and plan strategies to promote collective work engagement.
  • Mindfully apply theoretical and methodological models to evaluate employees’ work quality and productivity, and plan interventions.
  • Connect scientific evidence on Organizational Behavior with issues and decisions in HRM.
  • Present their analysis in a proper format of a written report.