Our Library

Our Library

The Polical Science Library “Enrica Collotti Pischel”, founded in 1976, holds a sizable collection for the social sciences in the widest sense (particularly in sociology, political science, labour studies, law and international relations, economics and management, public administration but also in social history and political philosophy) which is tailored to meet the information needs of the faculty and research staff, students and to support teaching activities.
The main building, located in Milan – via Conservatorio 7, offers five large reading rooms, for a total of 261 seats with WiFi free connection and workstations for bibliographic research.

On the 3/F of the library is housed the CDE-European Documentation Centre which regularly receives and makes available to members of the public the official publications of the European Union, or issued by the various European Agencies, in order to promote and facilitate knowledge on European integration and policies.

Some Political Science departments have their own specialised resource collections which may be consulted at different opening hours (see Linked Pol. Sci. libraries) or by arrangements with the librarians:

CEDOC SPS – Documentation Centre for Social and Political studies, with 9 seats and 5 workstations (also equipped for viewing of movies and documentaries), open access materials and closed stack books and periodicals, non commercial publications, research datasets, advanced reference service;
International studies section, with a 16 seat reading room, 4 workstations, open access materials and closed stack books and periodicals, advanced reference service;
History section, with closed stack books and periodicals;
Economics, management and quantitative methods section, with closed stack books and periodicals;
Law and Politics section, with closed stack books and periodicals.
Together, the above libraries hold more than 174,200 print monographs, over 2,885 journal titles, of which 611 current periodicals (*), and outstanding special collections such as European official publications, grey literature and audiovisuals.

Political Science Library largely contributes to the University Digital Library which provides e-journals, e-books and numerous databases also accessible off-campus.

Please, find more information about the service available for foreign students at the following LINK.