Meet Janosch

Some current students tell us what they value most from their experiences at the Msc in Management of Human Resources and Labour Studies (MLS), in Milan. Today we meet Janosch, from the University of Trier, Germany.


Hi! I am a Master student in Economic Sociology. In the mid of 2015, our home university offered the possibility to us to apply for the Erasmus+ program in European Labour Studies, through which I would be able to visit one of the 13 partner universities of the MÉST–EMLS program. Hence, I didn’t hesitate because I really wanted to get a more international view on some topics.

I chose the Master’s program in Management of Human Resources & Labour Studies at the Università degli Studi di Milano, and I just can say that this has been one of the best decisions I have ever taken in life.

It was really interesting, because of the variety of students from the other partner universities and their different experiences and views. In the first trimester, we had a lot of comparative courses in e.g. Sociology, Political Science and Labour Law and there was not that much time to see the city or the culture.

Therefore, a fellow student from Germany and I decided to stay in Milan for longer. We just have one further course in “Organizational Behavior” and a ‘Coaching Laboratory’ in the second trimester and finally the time to see a bit more of the culture, the city and also the cities around.

It was certainly the right decision. I enjoyed my time here and the experiences in Milan. It was interesting to get to know the different types of teaching, the Italian at some point really practically oriented way – I really appreciate the high number of presentations from people of some Italian companies within some courses – and the German, at least for our Master’s program, more theoretically oriented way. The aim I had at the beginning, to get a broader and more international view on topics like labour and employment, I now can consider as fulfilled.

What are you going to do after MLS?

Since I already finished all my courses at my home university, I decided not to go back to Trier for the first time. I will move to the north of Germany, write my Master’s thesis there and will also do a 6-months internship in the Global HR Development department of a multinational company. Afterwards, I may consider doing my PhD., maybe also in Milan and in cooperation with the MLS, but for this, I have not decided yet.

In what ways do you think your experiences at MLS prepare you for your next steps?

Well, I think there are two points. The first is that I got to know a broader and more international view on economic contexts, especially in the HR and labour sector, which will help me for my next internship and also for the job after I graduated. The second would be that I got the chance, not just to improve my English, but also my Italian and my French because of the internationality of the program and the people I met.

What is your fondest memory of your time at MLS?

Definitely the friends that I made. I am very thankful for a lot of new experiences that I was allowed to share and the new network I created.

As someone who’s been though the entire MLS experience, what’s some advice you have for incoming freshman?

Especially for this program I can advise to not stick to some specific subject. The exchange program is quite interdisciplinary and at some points, it is really helpful if you already have a good basis from further universities or through work experiences in international surroundings. In a globalized economy and international labour markets, there is often not just one specific solution. If you want to grow and to improve your skills in nearly every aspect I think this approach is essential.