Meet Simone


The Double Degree (DD) programme of the University of Milan in partnership with the University of Bremen has been a great opportunity for my personal and professional development. On the practical level, the integration of a stronger theory oriented teaching-style such as that of “La Statale” and that more research-oriented of Bremen University, is a perfect balance for whoever wants to learn to make proper scientific research. In Milano, I learned how to develop focused theories on socio-economic and political phenomena and I learn advanced statistical techniques to test my hypothesis.

In Bremen, I made a lot of practice writing many research papers working closely to the researchers of the university. On the personal level, I made the best friends since many years. We were a small group of people (five), we moved together to Bremen and then Milano, we supported each other during the exams and the thesis, integrating each other strength and weaknesses. I strongly suggest the DD programme to anybody that wants to learn a lot, make a inter-cultural experience and have fun.


Simone Tonelli